Sol Ray's Family Tree Implemented
Sunday, October 24, 2021 10:24 AM

Sol Ray's Family Tree Implemented

With the help of our friends patiently maintaining the Shetlend Genealogy and family who kept record for many years before the resource existed. 

It is possible for family members and interested parties to edit and add individuals to the newly initiated family tree record. 

The data files for the family tree are available and downloadable for personal record keeping or transferal of records. 


We hope that young Solomon will find his family tree interesting and that it will help him to come to good terms with life and his heritage. 


This genology domain is administered and maintained by Solomon's father Ross Fraser. Messages and modification requests are welcome and facilitated with both the family tree domain and the community network domains on SolRay.Life 

Welcome to family and friends we hope that you will test and perhaps put Solomon's website to good uses.